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**Please note that unless otherwise stated, all references on this page are for mowers with the Kohler Command Engine (1995 and later). If you have questions about an older mower, please contact us for advice.



Q: What kind of engine oil do I use?

A: 10w30. Make sure to put clean oil on the rubber gasket of the filter before installing and tighten the filter firmly. See here for oil change instructions.

Q: What kind of oil filter do I use?

A: Kohler part number 12-050-01. This cross-references to; Oregon: 83-284, Fram: PH8172, Wix: 51056, Purolator: L35310.

Q: What kind of transmission oil do I use in the chain drive units?

A: SAE20 on the chain drive transmissions. Use caution when adding/changing transmission oil. The tank is for expansion only. The plastic covers on the transmissions are reverse thread. We would recommend you contact us before performing any transmission maintenance.

Q: What kind of oil do I use in the Hydro System?

A: 20W50. The reservoir takes a total of 9L. It should be filled to within an inch of the top of the tank. It is recommended that the machine be run backwards for 5-10 minutes if there is any chance that air has been introduced into the system.

Q: What kind of oil do I use in the Gear Box?

A: 80W90 Gear Oil. There is a dipstick in the gearbox. Fill to the line on the dipstick.

Air Filter

Proper care of your air intake is imperative to the long life of your engine.

Q: How often should I clean the air filter?

Get into the habit of opening your air cleaner cover every time you mow. Remove and dust off the precleaner if necessary. Inspect the paper filter. The paper filter should be changed every 20 hours.
   Click here to see the breakdown of the air cleaner.

Q: What kind of air filter do I use?

A: The 18, 20 and 23 HP Kohler Command engine uses Kohler part number 47-083-03. The precleaner is Kohler part number 24-083-02. The 25 HP EFI Command Engine uses Kohler part number 24 083 03. The precleaner is Kohler part number 24 083 05.

Other Questions

Q: How do I change the Drive Belts?

A: The drive belts are a set of A64 corded belts and run from the engine to the deck. We use Gates AP64. Click here for our YouTube video on changing the drive belts.

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