The Laird Manufacturing Corporation
Laird Saskatchewan Canada 1-800-205-2473



"Lawn mowers in Laird? You're crazy!!!"

At least that was the word around town in 1980 when Elaine and Ted took the advice of the current government, bought the old Co-op building on Main Street, and began to 'diversify', supplementing their meager farm income by assembling commercial grade riding mowers. Okay, so maybe it was a bit risky for a time, but a couple of decades and hundreds of happy customers have proven that those at Laird Manufacturing Corporation may not have been crazy after all.

"There are real people here. People who care. Honest."

It's a great lawnmower, it really is. But the main reason why The Laird Manufacturing Corporation has been able to hold their own against their larger competitors for over 30 years are the people. People that know these lawnmowers. People that want you to be happy with the way you mow your grass. Go ahead, give us a call, chances are that you will get a real person on the phone. Better yet, that person will probably be either Ted, Elaine or Katrina; three people with a heck of a lot of lawnmower knowledge behind them.

Deines - How Do You Pronounce 'Deines' Anyway?

People ask us this all the time. We don't blame them. It's hard to say and harder to spell, but really easy to drive. It's just like the word 'dine' with an 'ess' on the end and it rhymes with 'minus'. Now that wasn't too painful, was it?